Noteworthy Reasons For Hiring An SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO consultant or an SEO firm for your website promotion is always a “hard to decide” thing. So, if you are confused to take this decision, following reasons can help you decide hiring an SEO consultant / agency / company for your business website –

Reason 1: Struggling to get high rankings –
So, your website is ranking on Page 2 or 3 on the targeted keywords and you have already done all your efforts to bring it on Page 1 but nothing worked. This calls for an expert strategy to fight the competition.

Reason 2: Absolutely have no Organic search results –
This is the most common and obvious reason for anyone to call an SEO consultant.  Don’t wait and search for a local SEO expert to get your SEO audit now!

Reason 3: Have organic rankings, but traffic percentage is too less –
This shows a critical situation when you have all organic ranks but not good organic traffic. Explore the reasons by consulting a professional search engine optimizer.

Reason 4: Lack of time and money –
SEO is a continuous job and involves lot of activities to rank your website. So, if you want to save your time (& money); hiring a freelance SEO consultant can be a good option.

Reason 5: You want to study SEO –
I personally have seen many entrepreneurs and marketers want to study and try SEO on their own. The effective way is to find a supportive mentor for you and your project.

You can also try these Do-It-Yourself SEO tips and save your time & money

Reason 6: You want to have a second opinion –
Working with the same SEO team for years on your website and not seeing a desired growth, there is no harm in getting a second opinion from an experienced digital consultant. Sometimes, it can do wonders.

Reason 7: You want to build a good connection –
Succeed in your online business through better connections in multiple verticals. Connecting with the right SEO professional can improve your chances in business growth by learning ethical techniques and latest marketing trends.

What is Search Engine Optimization? Know Here

What is Search Engine Optimization? – Definition – A set of technical methods to improve the website visibility in terms of organic rankings and traffic from search engines.

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing volatile vertical in the domain of digital marketing. SEO relates to these following aspects –

  1. Keyword – The right selection of keywords for your website so that you can target the search engines. This is one of the key elements in Search engine optimization.
  2. On-site SEO – This refers to the optimization of the content, image and links on any web page which includes many essential SEO factors. All this together helps a website to achieve top positioning on search engines. Some of the major factors are –
    1. URL structuring – make the URLs meaningful and use hyphens between two different words in long URLs
    2. Title tag – One of the most effective SEO factor which can do magic to your rankings. Use it intelligently
    3. META tags – generally, it’s all about META description tag placement that reflects in the ranking snippet for any keyword search on Google and other search engines. It should be compelling with meaningful call-to-actions
    4. Navigation – should be search engine friendly as well as user-friendly
    5. Anchor texts – Use your targeted keywords as a common practice while making links on your website or in the navigation but don’t overdo it too!
    6. Content – should be optimized in a way that it looks natural and written for the targeted audience (NO KEYWORDS STUFFING PLEASE). Content on the website can be in different forms – pages, alt tags, blog posts and text banners. Always hire a good SEO copywriter for the content writing
    7. Image optimization – Images are one of the best source of additional traffic through image searches; so each image should be optimized
  3. Off-site SEO (Backlinks) – Backlinks means your website links popularity; it is one of the major factor that helps you to rank your targeted keywords. This process of generating more and more backlinks for your website can include many activities like business listings on popular local directories, content syndication, press release distribution, social media optimization among others.
  4. Analytics – to track your website’s traction (sessions, pageviews, bounce rate etc.)

Why must you invest in SEO?

There are many reasons why you should invest in Search engine optimization (Yes! this is an investment – investment that has long-term benefits) –

  1. First thing, it is a cost-effective deal; so either you can hire an SEO agency for your website or do it yourself
  2. It will help you make your website more search engine friendly i.e. your website will become more popular among search engine robots thereby increasing your rankings
  3. It will increase your brand popularity on the web
  4. It will support your business team – helping them getting more inquiries from the internet (i.e. Search engines)
  5. If you own a local business, get ready for more orders through Google local listings
  6. It will put you ahead of your competitor both in terms of popularity and profits

A number of people think that SEO is dead. So they are still hesitant about using SEO services.

SEO is dead for those who were using unethical SEO techniques to rank their or their clients’ website in Google. Search engines like Google are continuously working to kill web SPAM and therefore keep updating the search results by launching new algorithms. Some of the known algorithms are Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon updates.


SEO is fully functional and will not die until Search engines are giving results on the keywords. You can still enjoy all benefits from SEO services for your website. The bottom line is MAKE A USEFUL WEBSITE for your target market and implement a strong SEO strategy to help it to rank better.

Okay! Got it. But What if I want to do it myself?

Yes, there are many website owners I personally know who have learned SEO to optimize their website. You can practice it by doing SEO on your own website.

There are many ways to learn SEO on your own (after creating a website). Some of them include:

  1. Join an SEO forum like V7N forums and participate in the SEO threads
  2. Join a reputed digital marketing institute to learn SEO from the professionals. If you are from New Delhi, here is the list of digital marketing institutes in New Delhi for you.
  3. Hire an SEO consultant to learn the techniques that can be used to rank your website.
  4. Learn from your competitors who already rank on your targeted keywords in Google. Watch them and learn what they have done on their website and what other efforts they made on the web to rank better.
  5. Youtube SEO lessons – One of the best technique to learn Search engine marketing and optimization techniques. There are lot of videos out there. Be ready with your speakers or headphones.