About Amit Verma – Digital Marketing Consultant

An expert digital marketer from New Delhi, India with the experience of 12+ years in digital marketing verticals – SEO, Google AdWords, Native Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Amazon Marketing Services.

From the core of my heart – What started as a fun pass time for me, slowly and steadily has become a passion. Many years back it was by sheer chance that I got involved in promotion of websites, assuming it to be a job which had to be accomplished in best possible manner. It was not very late that the urge to share my thoughts and viewpoints started surfacing. Not very confident of my new developed taste, I began as a novice blogger on various Web 2.o blogging websites like Blogger, WordPress and many more. Didn’t took much time for me to realize that the media of self expression was a welcome change from otherwise fast moving life, which most of us are forced to lead. Ahan!!!…….thus started my journey of self discovery and inner soulful expression. Let’s come back from this self touring and try introducing ourselves…like many others, I too have been bestowed with a affectionate nick name of ‘AV’. Born in ‘Hisar’, Haryana; I landed in New Delhi when was barely 8 years old. Have felt this city to be more close to my heart rather than my hometown…..Photography, meeting with new people and visiting new unknown destinations was always the most enthused hobby, however exposure to news, columns and membership to various webmaster forums are latest to join the hobby list.

I believe that a business with a great marketing team can make an impact on the world. Take the first step and contact me and together, we can reach your company’s goals.