App Store Optimization – What, Why & How?

We currently exist in an era where everything is more accessible to obtain, any task is easier to do, and any place is more comfortable to reach. All credit goes to the world of internet where it has successfully been able to connect all these. The programs and websites which were once used to cater these services and products have now turned into small applications that run on our smartphones making it easier to access.

As a result, more mobile applications are emerging on the App stores (Android and iOS). Among all these applications giving out their services, it is imperative to stand out. This area is where the tools like App Optimization or the App Store Optimization comes in.

Let us look what do these mean and what are the benefits of app store optimization and necessary tools for it.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization is the process of giving a mobile app a higher ranking when a search result is made on an app store. Obtaining a higher rank on these results will make you a target for the potential customers. This factor will create more traffic to your applications page.

This fact will help in boosting the number of downloads of your app compared to the other competitors providing the same service.

Why ASO?

The App Store Optimization is essential in today’s app marketing strategies to reach a massive amount of audience. People often tend to search for the apps in the designated App Store searches.

Therefore, optimizing your app will let the search results to show your App and thus invite traffic. This fact is more effective than advertising your application through other media.

The important fact to note is that many of the other app developersdon’t carry out this optimization technique and hence can be utilized to have the edge overother similar apps making this one of the best benefits of app store optimization.

How Do We Pull It Off?

Following some of the app store optimization tips can let you win this race among the apps.

Use A Better Title

Having one of the keywords related to your application must be included in the title of the application. Incorporating keywords into the title will increase the optimization of your app and thus helps in reaching a vast audience.


Having a better understanding of your target audience is the key to finding the best keywords to use. When you know what people might ask these search boxes and effectively incorporating these words into the title as well as application description can work wonders for the easy identification and spotting of the app.

Thus, keywords are one of the essential app store optimization tools you have to pull higher traffic to your app page and app installs as well.

No. Of Downloads

People tend to notice the no. of download gathered by the application. Hence the app store search results show applications that have similar keywords in the order of downloads.

This fact creates the need for app marketing on various platforms and increases the traffic. It looks more like a loop but working hard to pave the way for some initial downloads and bringing up the number, will optimize your app to show top results. Applications that are free of cost or that provides unique services are known to excel far more than the ordinary ones.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews garnered by the app also seem to work in the optimization of the app. To excel in this field, one must continuously improve the app according to people’s needs and thus deliver the best of services.

Following these tips for optimizing your apps can do wonder and in fact, increase the traffic on your page. Apart from these, there are store specific optimization techniques like the Google Play Store App Optimization and App Store Optimization methods to top respective categories in their platforms.

Amit Verma is an entrepreneur, motivator and digital marketing consultant having 12+ years of experience in providing digital marketing services for different popular brands and web portals in India.

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