How will SEO help you in getting more Leads, Sales & Revenue from your website?

Different businesses make use of their website for various reasons. One might want to make instant revenues off the site through e-commerce sales while the other might want to generate leads and make sales through traditional means. The use of website and SEO practices required change according to the need of the business.

According to a study by Hubspot, over 61% B2B marketers stated that SEO helps them generate more leads than any other marketing initiative, it is time that the others pay heed too. According to a report by Search Engine Journal, more than 70% of links that users click online are organic, and almost 80% of the users ignore paid ads and pay more attention to organic results. The report further states that the top result on a search engine result page gets almost one-third of the total clicks, re-emphasizing the importance of SEO.

Another study by Webspand reveals that 90% of online users trust reviews and top 4 search results get almost 96% of the total clicks.

What is Lead Generation in SEO?

Here is what lead generation in SEO means in a nutshell:

  1. SEO improves the website search ranking across all search engines with content for business related keywords that you target. These are called SEO leads.
  2. When potential clients search for related keywords, your website will show up. Once they browse through your content and find it relevant, they follow back to your website. This phenomenon is called organic lead.
  3. If the available content on your website meets the requirements of the potential clients, the clients make their purchase, and once that happens, your leads are converted to sales.

In many ways, SEO acts like a funnel that helps clients find what they need. SEO helps your website to show up on searches and allows you to catch the attention of potential clients.

How Will SEO Help You Getting More Leads, Sales & Revenue from your Website?

In other words, SEO will offer you leads that can be converted easily into sales. This practice is simple and here is how it works:

  • Relevant Content: – Every website works on the very principle of showing up on search engines. And SEO is the key to it. When you come up with content for your site, you need to add some targeted keywords which will make your website improve its ranking through organic SEO.
  • Targeted Keywords: – Next is lead generation. SEO on your website makes your website appear whenever a keyword or related keyword is searched for online. Additionally, this can be enhanced by making use of various kinds of SEO strategies and practices that will offer better-targeted.
  • Attract user attention: – The potential client may come across the website online and will browse the content. And the moment your content hits the right chord with the potential client, your leads are easily converted to sales.
  • Track your progress: – To make the most out of your sales conversions, you need to keep tracking your progress. For this Google, analytics is the best tool to help your website. In addition to this, a website owner can download specific extensions and subscribe to them for best results. Furthermore, this conversion tracking and A/B testing will offer you the best results and will help you keep track of your progress every month.

Before digital marketing came into force, cold calling was the method to generate leads. However, in today’s time, the practice of cold calling is as good as dead. On the other hand, SEO and digital marketing methods offer you actual sales and connect with you to people who are interested in your content and service than the people you would approach at random.

Furthermore, there are more chances of success when you make use of SEO and other digital marketing strategies. All in all, SEO is one such strategy that you should not ignore when setting up your online website pages. However, it is advised that you investigate the stats for SEO and paid ads. Create ads and campaigns that will specifically concentrate on increasing sales and improve your online presence.

Amit Verma is an entrepreneur, motivator and digital marketing consultant having 12+ years of experience in providing digital marketing services for different popular brands and web portals in India.

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