SEO Mistakes (Common & Major) To Avoid In 2018

The art of Search Engine Optimization has been slowly engulfing the virtual world. More and more companies have begun to identify the massive amount of potential lurking behind the world of search engine rankings.

This fact has opened up the need for better SEO professionals. But sometimes they make mistakes and hence invite more hardships to the company than profit.

Let us look into the details of some of the common SEO mistakes:

  • Keywords’ Tug of War

One of the most common SEO mistakes is the use of keywords that have already a considerable number of people claiming it. Using common keywords will only land you in a place of more competition, and you would not be able to succeed in converting the traffic.

The best method is to use unique, relevant and specific keywords to build up the traffic.

  • Respect The MOBILE: Responsiveness of Your Website Is Important

Ranking among as one of the top SEO mistakes is the lack of providing mobile-friendly websites to search engine’s users. When the target is to convert the traffic, one must not forget that the majority are accessing the internet by a smartphones and tablets rather than the desktops. It’s about 60:40 ratio as per my experience. 

So, always use a Responsive Website Design with all important usability factors to give the best look of your website on all devices i.e. Desktop, Mobile & Tablets that eventually will help in improving rankings as well as business.

  • PageSpeed Scores

It will be useless having a website with a poor page loads and would be the biggest mistake in SEO process if not catered. Studies shows that people really care about the speed of a page that they view. Google itself have stated the importance of PageSpeed scores as a ranking factor of your website on desktop and mobile searches.

So, it’s beneficial to check and analyse the PageSpeed Scores beforehand the website upload. It majorly include the optimisation of your HTML code, CSS and JS zipping and image optimisation.

Use PageSpeed Insights Tool by Google.

  • Too Much Content / Thin Content

Regarding contents, most of the SEO makes the mistake of stuffing the website with lot of useless content or a very thin content rather than useful targeted content. The sites with more specific and valuable information were able to accumulate more traffic than which boasts about multi-page articles.

Create content that is worth sharing by your targeted audience.

  • Flawless Images

Image optimization flaws are another SEO mistake that can affect the website drastically. This factor is because images maintain the visitors with the view it provides increasing the website performance.

Therefore, proper naming of the images, adding relevant titles and providing alt tags to the images should be one of the priorities while creating any page on the website.

  • Too Many Keywords

Keyword stuffing is one of the top SEO mistakes in the recent years.  Providing the website with a large number of keywords with the hope of landing considerable traffic will result in the drop of websites ranking.

Maintaining the proper density for keywords should be an SEO measure to strive in 2018.

  • Title and Meta Tags

Not creating or updating the title & META tags for your website page is equal to loosing lot in terms of good traction on many good keywords. These are one of the most important SEO factors in SEO performance of the website. So, not utilizing the title & META tags should be avoided at any cost.

  • Duplicate Content

Providing content that is not original is another common SEO mistake. People tend to increase the number of articles by plagiarising the material or by just spinning it. Content duplicacy is a bad mark that you do not want your website to hold. It has no benefit having same content on different pages.

Content should be unique, interesting and useful to your users.

  • Keep Auditing

Auditing a website is more like grooming yourself before going to an important meeting.  Without both of these, you are taking a considerable risk. A sitemust undergo auditing to know about broken links and update the page with new information to stay ahead in the world of internet.

And, the most significant factor to keep in mind is that SEO consultants should maintain an equal balance in optimizing the websites not only for the search engines but also optimize it for the humans viewing it.

Your comments are welcome here. We can talk about many other SEO mistakes.

Amit Verma is an entrepreneur, motivator and digital marketing consultant having 12+ years of experience in providing digital marketing services for different popular brands and web portals in India.

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