Top Free Sources of High Quality Stock Images

The internet is a vast place. It may seem easy for anyone to make a fortune out of the internet, it is very hard. Making use of images and pictures for your website and blog on any kind of internet platform is an easy thing to do. According to a study by Hubspot, articles with images are shared almost twice as much as articles without images and viewers retain up to 65% of information which is paired with content as compared to 10% of information without content. However, there are complications!

The issue of the use of copyrighted images without the artist’s permission and other related issues are rising every minute. If you already did not know, you can be sued for using copyrighted materials and passing them off as yours.

Top Free Sources of High Quality Stock Images

All this talk of suing and being sued is troubling and worrying, but don’t worry there are ways of helping yourself. Here are some websites that offer you with free high-quality stock images:

  1. Pixabay: Pixabay is one of the best providers for free high-quality stock images. This website has a list of curated images that are not copyrighted. You can make use of these images for your website content and never worry about issues arising from such use. This website does not confuse you with the licenses and offers you to use their images in any form for your personal or commercial use.
  2. Unsplash: Unsplash is a good place to search for free artsy images. The best part about this website is that you can subscribe to receive 10 images directly to your inbox every day. This website offers you many options for your choices and gives you a list of Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. These images from the website can be used for your personal use or commercial use.
  3. StockSnap: The images on this website are also supplied with Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. StockSnap offers you free stock images and allows you to use them for any kind of purpose. Every week, hundreds of images are uploaded to this website. Furthermore, this website allows you to view the images according to their views. Also, the website offers you a different section for trending images.
  4. Flickr: Flickr has been one of the most reliable sources of stock images. Although this website offers you a host of images, there are eight different kinds of licences. Every licence on this website works differently and has different working conditions. It must be remembered that no two images on this website can be used in the same manner. Furthermore, the user must read all the licences and make sure that use the image only when they understand what the licences mean.
  5. Pexels: Pexels is yet another reliable source for best stock images for free and my favourite one too! This website updates the website every day. There are at least 10 images that are uploaded every day and offers at least 70 images a week. The image bank of this website now is close to 3000. These images are free to be used for any purpose and can be downloaded directly from the website itself.
  6. Snapwire Snaps: This website offers you a host of pictures and is yet another website that offers to deliver images to your inbox directly. This website delivers 7 free, high-quality images every week to your inbox once subscribed to this service. Other than this, the website offers you pictures that are free of copyrights and can be used in any manner. You can download the images from the website itself for commercial or personal use. Other than this, the website offers you to follow the website on Tumblr, in that manner you will never miss a picture!
  7. Death to the Stock Photo: This is yet another website that offers you the best of the best selection of stock images. This website has two plans one where you can download free images from your inbox that this website will send to you and another is a subscription for $15 that will allow you to access the entire library. The free option for this website is good as well be cause you will receive an email from the website and its team directly to your registered email address.

When you look for images for your content and blog, for whatever purpose it may be, you will need to understand that you cannot simply use just about any image as per youliking. There are many risks to using images without the permission of the owners. Apart from this, you will need to understand Creative Commons Zero license and what it means so that you can use stock images without any problems.

However, you can use free stock images from the websites mentioned above. If you use free stock images from such websites, there will be no legal liability or other issues that can land you in trouble. To safeguard your website and its content, it is advised to only use stock photos and images. And would be great you can give reference to the website too!

Amit Verma is an entrepreneur, motivator and digital marketing consultant having 12+ years of experience in providing digital marketing services for different popular brands and web portals in India.

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