What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

With the growth in technological fields, there have been a considerable number of new opportunities that have emerged in the present era. Out of these, one of the best and most sought after is the job of an SEO consultant.

With many companies seeking professionals like SEO specialists or hiring SEO consultancy services, the importance of overall digital marketing consultancy has become quite clear.

But what does an SEO consultant mean? Let us look into that.


Search Engine Optimization consultant (SEO) consultant is a person whose job is to monitor and review websites and it’s analytics to provide recommendations and guidance to accumulate more natural search engine traffic and higher-ranking position. The SEO consultant job comprises of extreme skills for creating strategies by analysing the current trends and coming up with actionable ideas utilising all aspects of the internet.

An SEO expert should have a profound knowledge in all the digital marketing channels available on the internet and need to map out a success plan using ethical SEO process and trending tricks to achieve higher search engine rankings on desired Search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing, enhance the traffic conversion rates, and add more content to compete with other similar companies.


An SEO consultant’s job description includes so many multitudes of disciplines to be an expert in, including website architecture & security, website indexing, voice search queries, recent search engine algorithms, social media networking, mobile site optimisation & app store SEO, Google advertising, application enhancement and lots more.

Nowadays big companies hire digital marketing consultancies and SEO service providers to completely handle this extensive pool of opportunities lurking on the internet for their brand.


Now, let us look into details of what an SEO consultant’s responsibilities are:

  1. Objectives – An SEO consultant must know what the marketing objectives and goals of the company who has hired him. By understanding more about the company, their products and other related attributes, an SEO expert can perform more smoothly and give best of results.
  2. Keywords Research & Analysis – SEO service providers have to investigate and combine a list of potential keywords that can be used to target in Search engine rankings for improving business / leads and revenue of the company.
  3. Optimization – The crucial part of an SEO specialist is the optimization of website as per the targeted keywords. Optimizing web page refers to the arrangement of on-site factors within a web page according to the need of increasing rankings and so the traffic. They integrate the value factors in the website for long term gains on Search.
  4. SEO Tools – There are a lot of good free / paid tools provided by SEO service providers and SEO consultancy firms that help in auditing the website and carrying out analysis. This factor helps in identifying where the website stands regarding other competitive counterparts. These tools give a comprehensive and detailed statistics of competition analysis, traffic stats, broken links, keywords data, and much more.
  5. Content Strategy – An SEO consultant’s job description also includes content mapping i.e. Keywords density, kind of content, form of content etc… and How it can be marketed to get best traction through search results. Remember, CONTENT IS KING and you shouldn’t ignore the value of content on the web.
  6. Strategy / Recommendations – By providing vital statistics, trends and reports of the current situation to the employer, an SEO consultant or a consultancy firm can recommend new company strategies and tactics to boost up their brand value online.
  7. In-house Trainings – An SEO consultant can act as a mentor to guide your internal team too! He can work as a value addition in your team by sharing his / her knowledge for a collaborative effort.

Hiring a good SEO consultant will always continue to be a colossal task for corporations and companies since the marketing and advertising have long ago shifted their bases into the virtual world of internet.

Amit Verma is an entrepreneur, motivator and digital marketing consultant having 12+ years of experience in providing digital marketing services for different popular brands and web portals in India.

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